Public Interest Scholarship Online Application

  • Essay

    Enter an essay (not to exceed 750 words) addressing the following questions: • What are the most significant experiences in your background that have shaped and demonstrated your commitment to serving the needs of Asian Pacific Americans? • What do you hope to learn, accomplish or change through your project this summer? • How will you use the experience that you gain from your project this summer? • How will you best serve the needs of the Asian American community in your future legal career? Please note that this essay carries some of the greatest weight in the evaluation of your application.
  • Project Description

    Provide a description of the project on which you will be volunteering, and the contact information of the person at the public service organization sponsoring the project. If the position has not been confirmed, please so indicate. Note that the position must be confirmed prior to the award.
  • Other Support

    Please provide, if any, a description of other scholarships, grants or awards being provided to you in connection with the proposed project, and any course credit to be received. If none, please indicate by entering "none".
  • Additional Materials

    Please send by email to the following:
    1. an official copy of your most recent law school transcript (or for a first-year law student attending a law school that does not give first semester grades, a statement from your law school certifying that you are a J.D. degree candidate enrolled at least half-time and in good standing). An unofficial transcript will be accepted.
    2. your resume
    3. one (1) letter (which may be an email) of recommendation (from a person not related to you);
    4. (optional) a copy of your application to your law school for financial assistance.
  • Notice

    If you do not submit all of the required information, your application will not be considered by the Asian American Law Fund of New York. If you are awarded a Scholarship you may be required to submit a photograph. Please note that materials will not be returned and become property of the Fund.
  • Affirmation

    I, the undersigned applicant, understand that if I am awarded the Asian American Law Fund Scholarship, I must be enrolled and in good standing at least half-time in an ABA- or AALS- accredited law school in the United States at the time of the award. I certify that I am a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident.

    I understand that I am expected to volunteer at least 8 weeks, 35 hours per week, on an unpaid project and to apply my award to payment of my law school tuition. Within one month after completion of my project work, I agree to submit a report of at least 500 words describing my experiences working at my project and how the scholarship has benefited me.

    I understand that any award is subject to my having a confirmed summer internship at a public service organization or other approved public interest project.

    I understand that I must comply with all stated policies and conditions of the Scholarship.

    I confirm that the amount of the scholarship will be applied to my tuition and related fees, books, and supplies.

    I understand that my failure to comply with all policies and conditions of the Scholarship may result in the forfeiture of the entirety or a portion of the Scholarship. In such event, I will return the entirety or required portion of the Scholarship to the Asian American Law Fund of New York promptly upon written demand. Failure to return these monies may result in collection efforts and legal action against me. To the extent allowable by law, I will be responsible for all costs, fees, and expenses incurred by the Asian American Law Fund of New York in seeking recovery of the award monies.

    I understand that members of the immediate families of officers and directors of AABANY, and members of the Board or Scholarship Committee of the Asian American Law Fund of New York are not eligible for the Scholarship.

    I also understand that all materials submitted to the Asian American Law Fund of New York will become the property of the Fund and that the Fund reserves the right to issue public announcements regarding award winners and to publish their photos, essays and reports.

    I authorize the Asian American Law Fund of New York to contact the community service organization with which I am volunteering for verification of my work and to use my photograph, essay and report in any manner in connection with the Scholarship and the Fund.

    I certify that all statements and information contained herein and in all application materials submitted by me are true, correct, and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I certify that the essay attached hereto was written solely by me and is my original work.